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Updated: Tuesday April 23, 2024 12:05 pm
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Top Science and Technology Stories:
BBC News
Australia PM calls Elon Musk an 'arrogant billionaire'
Anthony Albanese's comments come amid a feud over X's reluctance to remove footage of a stabbing.

How robots are taking over warehouse work
At Ocado's newest warehouse robotic arms are helping to pack customer orders.

Three-year-olds groomed online, charity warns
IWF says many were likely filmed remotely while using phones or other handheld devices at home.

EU may suspend money-for-views TikTok feature
The feature, which pays users to go on TikTok, could be temporarily suspended as early as Thursday.

Grindr sued for allegedly revealing users' HIV status
The LGBTQ+ dating app is being sued in a class action lawsuit over allegedly misusing users' data.

Can touchless tech create 'equitable' gaming?
Click reporter Paul Carter has a go at playing Minecraft with his eyes.

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ComputerWorld News
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Internet News
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Slashdot News
  • NASA Officially Greenlights $3.35 Billion Mission To Saturn's Moon Titan

  • Voyager 1 Resumes Sending Updates To Earth

  • California Is Grappling With a Growing Problem: Too Much Solar

  • Pareto's Economic Theories Used To Find the Best Mario Kart 8 Racer

  • Apple Acquires Datakalab, a French Startup Behind AI and Computer Vision Tech

  • Huawei Wants To Take Homegrown HarmonyOS Phone Platform Worldwide

  • Scientific American News
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    The Register News
    Voyager 1 regains sanity after engineers patch around problematic memory

    All from billions of miles away

    NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft has begun returning usable engineering data after engineers devised a way to work around a damaged memory chip.…

    Leicester streetlights take ransomware attack personally, shine on 24/7

    City council says it lost control after shutting down systems

    It's become somewhat cliché in cybersecurity reporting to speculate whether an organization will have the resources to "keep the lights on" after an attack. But the opposite turns out to be true with Leicester City Council following its March ransomware incident.…

    Silicon Valley roundabout has drivers in a spin

    Accidents at intersection quadruple

    The United States are widely free from roundabout tyranny with only one for every 33,330 people. A good thing too because people passing by Hollister, just south of Silicon Valley, can't seem to grok their new one.…

    Don't rent out that container ship yet: CIOs and biz buyers view AI PCs with some caution

    Risky bet? Premium price with 'no demonstrable benefits'? It doesn't sound like an order avalanche

    Italic text

    Over a million Neighbourhood Watch members exposed through web app bug

    Unverified users could scoop up data on high-value individuals without any form of verification process

    Neighbourhood Watch (NW) groups across the UK can now rest easy knowing the developers behind a communications platform fixed a web app bug that leaked their data en masse.…

    Meta comms chief handed six year Russian prison sentence for 'justifying terrorism'

    Memo to Andy Stone: Don't go to Russia for your holidays

    Meta’s communications director Andy Stone has been sentenced in absentia to six years imprisonment in Russia for "justifying terrorism."…

    Reuters Science
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    Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends News
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    InfoWorld News
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    AnandTech News
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    [H]ard|OCP News
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    NewsForge News
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