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  • Quick access to the game optimisation tools through the system tray icon
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  • Frees up memory to create a stable gaming environment
  • Maximises frame rates and screen resolution
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  • Access to online program updates with Game Accelerator
  • Integrated game-matching tool so you can join multiplayer games fast
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  • More on the Quantic Dreams Star Wars Rumor Leakmaster General Tom Henderson has penned an article on DualShockers outlining what little birdies are telling him about the emerging rumor that French developer Quantic Dream is working on an...
  • Why So Much Call of Duty: Vanguard Cheating? There's more from Tom Henderson, as the Call of Duty spy tweets an explanation of why there are so many cheaters to be found in the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta test. Apparently anti-cheat technology...
  • NVIDIA Releases Windows 11 Driver and More DLSS Support NVIDIA announces over 100 games now support its DLSS technology, thanks to the release of a Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin that simplifies the introduction of DLSS to UE4 games. The company also...
  • Ad Lib Music Archive An Ad Lib music archive offers a way to relive the synthesized game soundtrack music from the pioneering days of videogames (thanks Ant). And you don't even have to worry if your audio card is Ad...
  • On Sale Weekly Sale: indie games up to 90% off - Save 65% on Little Misfortune on Steam. Save 40% on A Short Hike on Steam.
  • Morning Patches Mods. Cyberpunk 2077 Grappling Hook Mod Introduces New Mobility Options. This must-have mod for Tales of Arise improves LODs, Shadows, Lights & Ambient Occlusion.
  • Battling Bugs Cold War Zombies players furious as update deletes camo progress.
  • Morning Multiplex Official trailer. Age of Empires IV: Multiplayer Match.
  • Gatherings & Competitions How to watch $20k Z&Z Warzone Trios tournament- Stream, teams, format.
  • Game Guidance Best Vanguard Volk class- Loadout, attachments & Perks.
  • Morning Consolidation The Intellivision Amico Disaster, Explained.
  • Morning Mobilization iPhone 13: Deals are extra aggressive this year, here’s why. Slice Gaming offers in-game rewards for Far Cry 6 with pizza purchases. Ikea’s $40 Sjömärke pad puts a wireless charger under your desk....
  • Morning Metaverse Roku Updates Its 4K Streaming Stick. Who Is Behind 'Can You Pet the Dog?' and Do They Get Paid? Tick, tick, tick … TikTok China just limited kids to 40 minutes' use each day.
  • Morning Tech Bits Intel Alchemist GPUs are being built by a competitor because Intel doesn't have room. IDC Report: Semiconductor Market to Grow by 17.3% in 2021, Overcapacity by 2023. Report: Graphics Card Prices in...
  • Morning Safety Dance Project Veritas scammed out of $165,000 by a phishing email.
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