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Updated: Wednesday March 1, 2017 11:34 am
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BBC News
Fillon refuses to quit French election despite investigation
The French centre-right presidential candidate is accused of fraud - but will not quit.

Trump speech to Congress promises 'renewal of American spirit'
The president promises a "new chapter of American greatness" in his first speech to Congress.

Syria conflict: All parties committed war crimes in Aleppo - UN
Investigators say government forces used chlorine bombs and rebels shelled civilians indiscriminately.

Mosul battle: Iraqi forces cut IS escape route to Tal Afar
IS militants in the west of the city are now cut off from their nearby stronghold of Tal Afar.

Toy company Lego to produce Women of Nasa set
They include scientist Katherine Johnson, who was portrayed in the film Hidden Figures.

Dishwasher becomes part-owner of top restaurant Noma
Ali Sonko, a dishwasher from The Gambia, is a long-time team member at Noma in Copenhagen.

Simultaneous Taliban attacks kill at least 16 in Kabul
The almost simultaneous attacks targeted a police station and intelligence agency offices.

Madrid bans Catholic group's anti-transgender bus
A bus with the message "If you are born a man, you are a man" is removed from the Spanish capital.

Anders Bering Breivik loses human rights case against Norway
A lower court had ruled that the mass murderer was being kept in inhumane conditions.

Facebook artificial intelligence spots suicidal users
Algorithms are being used to offer help to Facebook users who appear to be considering killing themselves.

Kim Jong-nam death: Two women charged with murder
The women allegedly smeared VX nerve agent on the face of North Korea's leader's half-brother.

Time News
Presidential Trump
Morning Must Reads: March 1

The Internet Had a Lot of Fun With President Donald Trump’s Congress Address
From Mike Pence and Paul Ryan memes to sarcastic humor.

The First Song Was a Lullaby
These are today's best ideas

Senate Confirms Rep. Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary
He's responsible for overseeing 400 million acres of public land

Antarctica Hit a Record High Temperature
The record was set last March

These Photos of Young Justin Trudeau Are Breaking Hearts All Over the Internet

President Trump Delays New Travel Ban After Speech to Congress Gets High Marks
President Trump has delayed the announcement of a new version of his travel ban, after his first address to Congress was warmly received. The new travel ban was due to be signed Wednesday but some thought it would have distracted from the well-received speech, CNN reports. “We want the (executive order) to have its own…

Stephen Colbert Goes Live With a Scathing Takedown of President Trump’s Address to Congress
"We can at least all agree on one thing: one down, seven to go"

Donald Trump’s Inaugural Pastor Creates ‘Safe Haven’ for Immigrants
The church's safe haven program is different from the sanctuary church movement

How Logan Fits Into the X-Men Timeline(s)
The X-Men cinematic universe is complicated—perhaps more complicated than that of any other superhero franchise. There are the original films, prequels, spin-offs and a movie that basically erased the original series and started a whole new timeline. Now, the newest entry in the series, Logan, will take place in a future world where mutants are…

Slashdot News
  • Nobody Likes Uber Anymore, Recent Reviews and Ratings On App Store Suggest

  • Programmers Are Confessing Their Coding Sins To Protest a Broken Job Interview Process

  • Anthem's Historic Data Breach: What We Still Don't Know 2 Years Later

  • Twitter To Get Even Harsher On Trolls

  • NSA Risks Talent Exodus Amid Morale Slump, Trump Fears

  • Mobile Search Engine Baidu Goes Dark For Nearly 20 Minutes

  • AOL Is Cutting Off Third-Party App Access To AIM

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
  • In speech, Trump tries to turn from divisive to deal-maker

  • Trump gives nod to Republican tax-credit proposal on Obamacare

  • New Trump travel order expected in coming days, Pence says

  • Murdoch's Fox set to request EU approval for Sky takeover bid

  • Women charged with North Korean's murder leave court in bullet-proof vests

  • Trump softens immigration stance, takes measured tone in speech

  • Trump's Interior Dept. pick wins Senate confirmation

  • Uber's self-driving unit quietly bought firm with tech at heart of Alphabet lawsuit

  • Abuse survivor quits pope's commission citing 'shameful' resistance

  • Ex-CIA spy freed in Portugal, avoids extradition over kidnapping

  • MSNBC News
    In Trump's Address to Congress, New Tone But the Same Substance
    First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter

    Red, White and Blue: Democrats Give Trump an Eyeful During Speech
    House Democrats listening to Donald Trump's speech to Congress on Tuesday sent a colorful message to the president.

    'No Disrespect': Conway Explains Why She Was Kneeling on WH Couch
    Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, said she had been asked to take a picture from a specific angle when she was photographed kneeling on an Oval Office couch — a pose many felt was disrespectful.

    Senate Confirms Ryan Zinke as Trump's Interior Secretary
    The Senate voted 68-31 on Wednesday in Zinke's favor — one of the wider victories for a Trump cabinet appointee.

    Oprah Hints at White House Run Against Trump
    For years she ran daytime TV — but can the 'Queen of All Media' run for the highest elected office in America?

    'This Was All Him': VP Pence on Speech
    Mike Pence made the comments on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

    Here's What Foreign Media Made of Trump's Address to Congress
    Donald Trump's first speech to Congress was closely watched around the world.

    Driver Speaks to NBC News On Run-In With Uber CEO
    Fawzi Kamel told NBC News why he chose to stand up to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

    SpaceX Cash-tronauts Are in For a Wild Ride to the Moon
    Two mystery ticket holders will start training later this year for a trip around the moon in 2018.

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    CNN News
  • 6 things we learned from Trump's address to Congress

  • Senate approves Trump's nominee for Interior

  • Trump speech sends Dow zooming above 21,000 for first time

  • Trump's words move Navy SEAL's widow to tears

  • WH: Conway acted 'without nefarious motive' in Ivanka Trump plug

  • 100 Jewish centers targeted with bomb threats as hate spreads

  • 22 tornadoes kill 3 people and it's not over

  • Presidential Trump: He declares ambitious vision with new tone

  • Trump's speech to Congress in 90 seconds

  • Van Jones: The moment last night when Trump became President

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