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Updated: Wednesday September 30, 2020 10:09 pm
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BBC News
Trump tells far right to 'stand down' amid white supremacy row
He denies knowing the Proud Boys group, after earlier failing to condemn it in an election debate.

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Azerbaijan president vows to fight on
President Ilham Aliyev vows to keep fighting in an upsurge of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Extinction crisis: World leaders say it is time to act
As world leaders line up to address the UN biodiversity summit, experts say our future is at stake.

Taku Sekine: Top chef 'takes own life' after assault allegations
Taku Sekine is said to have fallen into depression after "false" sexual assault allegations.

Madrid coronavirus: Spain orders lockdown amid rise in cases
The central government imposes restrictions in the capital region as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

Pope rejects US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meeting
The Vatican suggests the US is trying to exploit the Pope ahead of November's US election.

LA police 'ambush': Deonte Lee Murray charged with attempted murder
Deonte Lee Murray is accused of shooting two officers in their car, an attack that was caught on video.

Nxivm: Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman jailed in 'sex cult' case
Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison.

Quino, creator of Mafalda comic character, dies aged 88
Cartoonist JoaquĆ­n Salvador Lavado, better known as Quino, has died in his native Argentina.

Activists on trial over attempt to steal African staff
The leader of the group said they had come to claim Africa's stolen property from a Paris museum.

Space station crew woken up to hunt for air leak
Ground controllers say the leak is coming from a Russian module on the International Space Station.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • US Intelligence Sources Discussed Poisoning Julian Assange, Court Told

  • Employers Are Trying 'Quiet Days' To Dial Back the Time Remote Workers Spend on Meetings

  • Windows on ARM is About To Get Lots of Apps Thanks To New x64 Emulation

  • Coinbase Offers Severance Package to Employees Unsatisfied With 'Apolitical' Mission

  • China Preparing an Antitrust Investigation Into Google

  • Big Tech Faces Ban From Favoring Own Services Under EU Rules

  • Americans Are Drinking More Alcohol Than in 2019

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    CNN News
  • Some believe the President crashed and burned in the first debate. One adviser called it 'a disaster.'

  • Trump claims he doesn't know Proud Boys day after name-checking them at debate

  • Debate commission says it will change format to 'ensure a more orderly discussion'

  • Analysis: The debate rules aren't the problem. Donald Trump is.

  • 'Sh*tshow': See Bash and Tapper's blunt reaction to debate

  • Analysis: Trump just couldn't say it. Still, he said so much.

  • Trump's debate antics were front of mind with undecided voters

  • Trump's shocking moment of the first debate that you probably missed

  • Van Jones describes the debate moment that upset him

  • Biden lights up Twitter after using 'inshallah' in response to Trump

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