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Updated: Wednesday June 23, 2021 11:42 am
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BBC News
Apple Daily: Hong Kong pro-democracy paper announces closure
The tabloid's closure, days after its assets were frozen, is a blow to media freedom in Hong Kong.

US government blocks Iran-affiliated news websites
The justice department says 36 websites linked to the Iranian government have been seized.

‘Heartless’ Queensland bars US couple from seeing dying father
A US couple make a desperate plea after being denied quarantine exemption in Queensland.

New York mayoral election: Yang out as ex-police officer leads primary
The winning Democratic candidate is likely to become the city's next mayor in a November vote.

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Heavy casualties reported after airstrike
Eyewitnesses told the BBC that the Ethiopian air force struck a market near the region's capital.

Eight on trial for burglaries on Paris celebrities
The gang is suspected of targeting the Paris homes of stars including footballer Thiago Silva.

Giant panda gives birth to twins at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo
The cubs, which have not yet been named, are the first ever twins to be born at the zoo in Tokyo.

Hungary PM 'scraps Euros visit' amid German LGBT row with Uefa
The decision comes amid anger that Uefa will not allow the Munich stadium to light up in rainbow colours.

Covid: Sydney faces new restrictions as cluster grows
Australia's largest city sees its worst outbreak this year as a cluster infected with the Delta strain grows.

Education interrupted: Kashmir students climb mountain to cross digital divide
Students in a remote village in the Himalayas struggle to access the internet in order to take classes.

Mexico prison: Six killed in fight between rival gangs
Security forces say they have regained control of the prison in Tabasco following the deadly fight.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • London Underground To Gain Full Mobile Phone Coverage By 2024

  • Sony Wins Pirate Site Blocking Order Against DNS-Resolver Quad9

  • Growing Food With Air and Solar Power Is More Efficient Than Planting Crops

  • TechSee's AI Can Recognize Devices and Guide Users Through Setup

  • French Spyware Bosses Indicted For Their Role In the Torture of Dissidents

  • Open Source AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Impresses In PC Game Tests

  • A CCTV Company Is Paying Remote Workers In India To Yell At Armed Robbers

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
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    MSNBC News
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    CNN News
  • CNN spent two nights on patrol with the NYPD. Here's what they told us about spiking crime in the city.

  • US police 'very nervous' about officer-initiated enforcement as gun violence soars

  • Biden set to announce his gun crime prevention and public safety strategy as White House looks to tackle crime surge

  • Why crime is spiking across American cities

  • Police chief says slain Colorado officer was 'targeted' in shooting

  • 'People have threatened to kill us': CNN rides along with NYPD

  • Analysis: Legal scholar explains the origins of America's policing crisis and how it may change

  • Biden's pullback on voting rights charge reveals how he sees his presidency

  • NYC primary moves to ranked-choice counting after no candidate wins majority

  • US warplanes fly first combat missions off foreign aircraft carrier since World War II

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