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Updated: Tuesday March 28, 2023 8:35 pm
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BBC News
Ukraine war: Germany sends much-awaited Leopard tanks
The first 18 of the cutting-edge tanks are sent, amid reports UK Challenger 2s have also arrived.

Russian whose daughter drew anti-war picture flees jail term
Alexei Moskalev was investigated after his daughter drew an anti-war picture at school.

Mexico migrants: Deadly fire at Juárez migrant centre kills at least 39
Mexico's president says the blaze started during a protest by migrants fearing deportation.

North Korea asserts first evidence of tactical nuclear weapons
The weapons are shown beside Kim Jong Un in photos and cannot be verified, but have raised concern.

Amateur Australian gold digger finds massive nugget
The specimen was found with a budget metal detector and weighed in at 4.6kg.

Twenty pilgrims killed in Saudi Arabia bus crash
The bus was carrying pilgrims to Mecca when it hit a bridge in Asir province and burst into flames.

Lisbon stabbing: Two women killed at Ismaili Muslim centre
The attacker was arrested after the incident at the city's Ismaili Centre, Portuguese police say.

Elon Musk: Twitter boss announces blue tick shake-up
Only paying users will have their content recommended and be allowed to vote in polls from 15 April.

Afghanistan: Girls' education activist arrested by Taliban
Matiullah Wesa has long travelled to remote areas trying to improve access to education for all children.

Creed III actor Jonathan Majors charged with assault and harassment
A 30-year-old woman says she was injured in an altercation with the Creed III star on Saturday.

Searching for my roots in an Algerian cemetery
Algerian journalist Maher Mezahi visits his family graveyard and reflects on its impact on his identity.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • Russia Supplies Iran With Cyber Weapons as Military Cooperation Grows

  • Google Partners With AI Startup Replit To Take on Microsoft's GitHub

  • Generative AI Set To Affect 300 Million Jobs Across Major Economies, Goldman Sachs Says

  • Microsoft Plans Major Platform Upgrades for 'Windows 12' That Will Modernize the OS With AI and Faster Updates

  • GitHub Slashes Its Entire Engineering Team in India

  • Belgian Intelligence Puts Huawei on Its Watchlist

  • Apple Introduces Apple Pay Later

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    CNN News
  • The shooter's parents told police they questioned what was in a bag when Hale was leaving the house, but ultimately dismissed it, chief says

  • Watch bodycam video from officers responding to shooting
    The Metro Nashville Police Department released body camera footage of officers who responded to the shooting at the Covenant School.

  • 'We have to act now': Biden again calls on Congress to pass assault weapons ban

  • These are the victims of the Nashville school shooting
    Another American community is reeling after a shooter killed three 9-year-olds and three adults at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville.

    What we know about the shooter
    Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old former Covenant School student who killed six people at the school Monday, carefully planned the attack, according to officials.

    Lawmakers reluctant to pursue gun control measures
    Monday's deadly school shooting in Nashville has sparked a familiar cycle of condolences and calls to action among lawmakers in Washington, but both sides of the aisle have been quick to concede that the recent violence is probably not enough to sway a divided Congress to move substantive gun control efforts forward.

    What safety measures or solutions would you like to see enacted after the Nashville school shooting?
    Gun violence is now the leading cause of death of children in America. In the wake of the Nashville school shooting, how does this change the conversations you have with your kids? What safety measures or solutions would you like to see enacted after these tragic shootings?

  • Mike Pence must testify about conversations he had with Donald Trump leading up to January 6, judge rules

  • The backchannel keeping Trump in the loop on GOP investigations
    • Analysis: In 2024, Republicans may reverse 70 years of tradition • New York grand jury won't hear Trump case again this week • Blinken subpoenaed by top Republican investigating Biden administration withdrawal from Afghanistan

    Video: Astrophysicist explains how to see 'planetary parade'
    A stunning visual will take shape when five planets - which will include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus - line up beneath the moon in a display sometimes called a planetary parade or alignment.


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