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Updated: Saturday February 24, 2018 8:47 pm
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BBC News
Syria war: UN Security Council approves 30-day ceasefire
The Security Council calls for aid to be sent to conflict areas, including the Eastern Ghouta area.

Florida shooting: US airlines join other firms in dropping NRA
The school shooting in Florida has led to fresh calls for tougher gun controls in the US.

Johnny Hallyday estate: Bardot wades into France family row
The film legend urges Johnny Hallyday's widow to give some of his money to his older children.

Trump tax reform gives Buffett $29bn boost
Billionaire Warren Buffett says his conglomerate has been "delivered" billions by the US tax cuts.

Joanna Demafelis: Employers of Filipina maid found dead in freezer arrested
The husband and wife employers of a Filipina maid found dead in a freezer are arrested in Syria.

India groom killed in Odisha after wedding gift explodes
A man and his grandmother were killed when a parcel bomb disguised as a wedding gift exploded.

Red Cross reveals 21 staff paid for sexual services
The humanitarian aid agency reveals 21 staff have left for sexual misconduct since 2015.

Italy election: Rival protests spark tensions ahead of vote
Scuffles break out as far-right and anti-fascist groups stage rallies a week before Italy's election.

Trump-Russia: Manafort 'paid European ex-politicians'
A former Austrian chancellor denies being paid by Paul Manafort to lobby on behalf of Ukraine in 2013.

South Africa police station raid: Seven suspects shot dead
Seven people accused of killing South African police are killed in a shoot-out at a church.

Afghanistan: Soldiers killed in wave of attacks
More than 25 people, most of them from the army, have been killed in a wave of attacks.

Time News
USA’s Curling Athletes Shocked the World by Winning Gold. Then They Got the Wrong Medals
The world was not prepared for America’s men’s curling team to come from behind and capture curling gold, but capture gold medals they did. Then it came time for the medal ceremony on Saturday, and there was a little mix-up. John Shuster’s U.S. men’s curling team stepped up to the podium for the part when…

U.N. Unanimously Approves 30-Day Ceasefire in Syria
The time will be used to deliver aid to millions and evacuate the ill and wounde

Woman Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison After Shopping With Dead Baby in Her Bag
The woman, who was 17 at the time, callously referred to the child in messages

Trump: Arming Teachers in Schools ‘Up to States’
(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump says arming teachers as a deterrent against school shootings is “Up to States.”Trump has promoted the idea of putting “gun-adept” teachers and staff in schools with concealed firearms to protect students after this month’s shooting at a Florida high school killed 17 people. But neither Trump nor the White House…

Colleges Assure Prospective Students That Protesting for Gun Control Will Not Affect Their Admission
They won't face admissions consequences

NRA Faces Increasing Backlash After Florida School Shooting
(NEW YORK) — The National Rifle Association, and now the State of Florida, faced a growing backlash as companies cut ties to the gun industry following the latest school massacre, and student survivors called for tourism boycotts of their home state until gun control measures are enacted. The latest companies to end their ties with…

Red Cross: 21 Staffers Resigned or Fired in Sexual Misconduct Cases Since 2015
The Red Cross joins the list of charities that have uncovered sexual misconduct

Armed Woman Who Drove Into White House Barrier Had Previous Encounters With the Secret Service
The Secret Service said they "had previous encounters" with the woman.

CDC Wants $400 Million to Build a New Lab for the World’s Deadliest Germs
The agency disclosed its plans for a new lab on Friday

NRA Corporate Partners Are Feeling the Heat as Boycott Calls Increase
A call to boycott the National Rifle Association became the top trend on Twitter as users of the global social platform demanded that a variety of companies sever their ties with the gun enthusiast group. The online furor comes a day after the NRA’s leaders attacked the media and Democrats, claiming the fallout from last…

Slashdot News
  • Bitcoin Exchange Accidentally Allowed Customers To Buy Coins For $0

  • GitHub Drops Support for Weak Cryptographies, Adds Emojis for Labels

  • Signal, WhatsApp Co-Founder Launch 'Open Source Privacy Technology' Nonprofit

  • Two More 'SWAT' Calls in California -- One Involving a 12-Year-Old Gamer

  • 'Computer History Museum' Honorees Include Python Creator Guido van Rossum

  • BuzzFeed Unmasks Mastermind Who Urged Peter Thiel To Destroy Gawker

  • Japanese Scientists Invent Floating 'Firefly' Light

  • CNET News
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    Reuters News
  • Florida students take on NRA, set eyes on midterm elections

  • With $116 billion cash, Buffett says Berkshire needs 'huge' deals

  • U.S. imposes more North Korea sanctions, Trump warns of 'phase two'

  • At least 14 dead in attack on Yemen counter-terrorism base

  • More rain, flooding in the forecast for U.S. South, Midwest

  • U.N. Security Council calls for truce as air strikes batter Syria's Ghouta

  • Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

  • China's Geely makes $9 billion Daimler bet against tech 'invaders'

  • U.S. ready to open Jerusalem embassy in May: State Department

  • Corporate partners cut cord with NRA as gun control debate rages

  • MSNBC News
    Highly unusual for officers not to confront threat, experts says
    Police psychologists caution that there might be a reason the campus security officer at the high school massacre in Parkland, Florida, failed to act.

    Companies cut ties with the NRA after customer outrage
    Some companies are ending their membership discount programs and ties with the NRA following a customer backlash.

    Manafort hit with new charges after Gates pleads guilty
    Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide and business associate of Paul Manafort, entered the plea in federal court in Washington.

    Female bodybuilder alleges discrimination at competition
    Women's bodybuilding is not on the roster at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival, spurring one bodybuilder to file a discrimination complaint.

    Sayonara, PyeongChang! Land of the Rising Sun will host next Olympics
    The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is only two years away. Here's what you can expect in Japan's capital.

    Team USA wins first Olympic curling gold medal in history
    John Shuster's incredible shot in End 8 to bag five points sealed the deal against Sweden, as Team USA claimed their first Olympics curling gold medal in history.

    10 cases of sexual misconduct reported at Winter Olympics
    The four centers at the PyeongChang Olympics were created as a way for athletes, volunteers, spectators and anyone else to come forward for help.

    Tipster told FBI Florida shooting suspect 'going to explode'
    The person who called an FBI tip line in January said Nikolas Cruz made increasingly alarming statements after his mother died last fall, adding, "I know he's, he's going to explode."

    Franklin Graham followed in his father's footsteps — but veered right
    The Rev. Billy Graham became known as "America's pastor" by refusing to pick a political side while reaching out to other religious leaders and invoking "the Lord" rather than Jesus. But his son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, isn't practicing what his father preached.

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    CNN News
  • Authorities missed these warning signs weeks before the Parkland shooting

  • Deputies were outside school when police arrived, sources say

  • Inside school where teachers carry guns

  • Teacher: I'm supposed to be a gun expert?

  • Opinion: What it will take for students to win the battle ahead

  • Serious about stopping cyberbullying? Start with Trump Jr., Parkland survivor tells first lady

  • UN Security Council approves Syria ceasefire

  • Delta and United end NRA partnerships

  • Opinion: What does Dana Loesch know about 'grieving black mothers in Chicago'?

  • Writer: Gun control debate could break America

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