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Updated: Friday March 23, 2018 12:27 pm
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BBC News
France hostage taking: 'One dead' in Trèbes supermarket
The gunman in a supermarket is reported to have claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group.

Markets edgy on US-China trade war fears
Stock markets in Asia see big losses as China says it is "not afraid" of a trade war with the US.

Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus dies at 94 as his company folds
The firm Charles Lazarus founded in 1948 said last week it was game over for its US and UK stores.

Stephon Clark: Protests over police shooting shut NBA arena
Police shot dead Stephon Clark, who was holding an object that turned out to be a phone.

Trump replaces National Security Adviser HR McMaster with John Bolton
Defence hawk John Bolton becomes National Security Adviser, in the latest change in the White House.

Russian spy: EU recalls Russia ambassador after nerve agent attack
Leaders agree it was "highly likely" that Russia was responsible for a nerve agent attack in Salisbury.

Spanish police break up Nigerian sex trafficking gang
Thirty-nine Nigerian women are rescued after being found living in "squalid conditions in caves".

Syria war: Eastern Ghouta rebels announce ceasefire
The deal will allow more civilians to leave the besieged Eastern Ghouta area, rebels say.

US Congress passes huge spending bill ahead of shutdown deadline
President Trump is expected to sign it into law ahead of a Friday deadline to fund the government.

Katie Brennan: Australia's AFL accused of gender discrimination
Katie Brennan lodges a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission over a match ban.

Origin of 'six-inch mummy' confirmed
Scientists investigate an unusual, small, mummified skeleton from Chile to establish its medical history.

Time News
At Least 1 Dead as Hostages Taken in France Supermarket, Police Say
(PARIS) — An armed man took hostages in a supermarket in southern France on Friday, killing at least one and seriously wounding another. He had earlier opened fire on police nearby. The attacker was still in the supermarket and it was not clear how many other people were inside with him. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe…

This KGB Chief Rang the Alarm About Russia-U.S. Cyberwars. No One Listened.
Vladimir Rubanov tells TIME he tried to stop the global cyberweapons race before it began

Firefighter Killed in Blaze on Film Set of ‘Motherless Brooklyn’
Two other firefighters suffered burns and were in serious condition

Rescuers Are Searching for the Survivors After 150 Whales Wash Ashore in Western Australia
Well over 100 are believed to have already died

Supporters Demand Answers After the Murder of Marielle Franco, Brazil’s Rising Political Star
Many of her supporters believe she was the target of a political assassination

At Least 13 People Have Died in a Fire at a High-Rise Apartment Building in Vietnam
Officials have yet to determine what caused the condominium fire

A Patch of Plastic Garbage in the Pacific Ocean Amounts to Twice the Size of Texas, a New Study Says
Researchers say the amount of plastic clogging the Pacific was up to 16 times higher than previously reported

Congress Just Averted Another Government Shutdown With a $1.3 Trillion Budget Bill
The Senate passed the $1.3 trillion spending bill shortly after midnight, averting a third government shutdown this year

Trump’s New National Security Advisor Could Upend U.S. Foreign Policy
"Taking hardline stances in op-ed pages is all good and well, but reality begins to set in once you’re briefed on military plans"

Donald Trump Just Hired John Bolton. Here’s Why That Makes Some Nervous
"He is seen as more of a bomb thrower than consensus builder"

Slashdot News
  • A Star Grazed Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago, Early Humans Likely Saw It

  • SpaceX Launch Last Year Punched Huge, Temporary Hole In the Ionosphere

  • World's Largest Animal Study On Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

  • FCC's New 5G Rules Favor Fast Setup Over Federal Reviews

  • South Korea To Shut Off Computers Past 19:00 Hours To Stop People Working Late

  • Experts Say Video of Uber's Self-Driving Car Killing a Pedestrian Suggests Its Technology May Have Failed

  • KeepVid Site No Longer Allows Users To 'Keep' Videos

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
  • China urges U.S. away from 'brink' as Trump picks trade weapons

  • At least one dead in French supermarket hostage-taking: mayor

  • Congress approves $1.3-trillion spending bill, sends to Trump

  • Exclusive: Trump official quietly drops payday loan case, mulls others - sources

  • Trump picks hardliner Bolton to replace McMaster as national security adviser

  • GSK pulls out of $20 billion race for Pfizer consumer assets

  • PM May welcomes confirmed EU Brexit transition offer

  • Europeans eye Russian expulsions over UK spy attack

  • Global stocks slide, yen jumps, as trade war fears grip markets

  • Video of police shooting unarmed black man sparks protests in Sacramento

  • MSNBC News
    Record number of black women are candidates in Alabama
    They're fueled by Democrat Doug Jones' stunning upset Senate win, the #MeToo movement, opposition to Trump and a desire to carry on Obama's legacy.

    Trump brings a Bush-era hawk back into the foreign policy fray
    President Donald Trump's new national security adviser is an ultra-hawkish figure whose foreign policy has led him to clash even with fellow Republicans.

    Amid White House turmoil, Trump mused about life without a chief of staff
    The president envisioned a process where a handful of aides would report directly to him.

    The unpredictability of March Madness explained
    On March 16th, 2018 the UMBC retrievers shocked the world becoming the first No. 16 seed in the history to knock off a No. 1 seed, 75-54. And this hasn't been the only shocker in the first two rounds of this year's NCAA men's tournament. Only two No. 1 seeds survived the tournament's first weekend, that's the fewest since 2004. So what's making this year's tournament so unpredictable?

    Bad nutrition advice dietitians are begging you to forget
    Thinking about juicing, cutting carbs or giving up fruit in a quest to lose weight? Think again.

    Senate sends $1.3 trillion government spending deal to Trump
    The Senate vote follows House passage of the measure, which includes a compromise on Trump's border wall.

    Trump legal team shake-up clears path for possible Mueller interview
    The president appears to be moving toward sitting down with the special counsel after John Dowd's departure

    Gunman takes hostages at supermarket in southern France
    Officials said they did not know how many people were being held, but gunshots were heard inside.

    Sessions memo raises specter of death penalty for legal marijuana moguls
    "To not acknowledge the difference between a regulated cannabis business and a heroin kingpin is unfathomable."

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    CNN News
  • The attack appeared to be ISIS-inspired, according to CNN affiliate BFM TV

  • Analysis: Interview on alleged affair tests Trump's vow of silence

  • McDougal on photo with Melania: I tried to keep my distance

  • H.R. McMaster is out and John Bolton is in as national security adviser

  • Bolton hits 'munchkin' for leaks

  • Opinion: John Bolton's mustache is more qualified than he is

  • Analysis: Bolton's history of provocative claims

  • Maryland school shooting victim to be taken off life support, family says

  • Garbage patch in the Pacific is now three times the size of France

  • Elizabeth Warren spars with Ben Carson: This should get you fired

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