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Updated: Thursday January 27, 2022 11:30 am
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BBC News
Ukraine crisis: US rejects Russian demand to bar Ukraine from Nato
The US offers no concessions to Russian demands on resolving the Ukraine crisis.

Biden expected to nominate first black woman to Supreme Court
The announcement comes amid news that Justice Stephen Breyer is expected to retire in June.

Fukushima youth sue after developing cancer
The plaintiffs, aged between six and 16 at the time of the disaster, argue they got cancer from radiation.

Australia scientists find 'spooky' spinning object in Milky Way
Australian scientists say the spinning object is unlike anything astronomers have seen before.

Jordanian army says it killed 27 drug smugglers from Syria
The army says the smugglers attempted to cross into the kingdom under the cover of heavy snow.

Lithuania-China row: EU escalates trade dispute with Beijing
Brussels says China is acting illegally in a dispute with Lithuania, one of the EU's smallest states.

Ukraine: Conscript shoots five at military factory
Five people were killed after a National Guard conscript opened fire at an aerospace plant in Dnipro.

Life under the Taliban: Yalda Hakim's journey back to Afghanistan
With access to the new Taliban government, Yalda Hakim travels back to Afghanistan to find out what the country is like under their rule.

One dead, dozens missing after boat capsizes off Florida
US officials say the vessel, which capsized on Sunday, may have been part of a "smuggling venture".

Catalonia pardons women executed for witchcraft
The regional parliament pardons hundreds of women executed during the 15th to 18th centuries.

Prince Andrew denies close friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell in US court files
In US court files, the prince, who denies assault claims, also asks for a jury trial in his accuser's lawsuit.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • 'Burning' Hydrogen Plasma In the World's Largest Laser Sets Fusion Records

  • Covid-19 Infection Can Reactivate the Latent Retroviruses In Human DNA

  • Washington State Shuts Down 'Sold By Amazon' Program Nationwide

  • Giving Cash to Low-Income Mothers Linked to Increased Brain Activity in Their Babies, Study Suggests

  • Government Demands To Remove Twitter Content Hit Record High

  • Boom Supersonic Picks North Carolina To Build and Test Ultra-Fast Planes

  • Amazon Ends Widely Mocked Scheme That Turned Workers Into Twitter 'Ambassadors'

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    CNN News
  • The process is unusual in that Breyer's replacement will be chosen by a President who has been embroiled in controversial nomination battles

  • Sexual misconduct and racism: SCOTUS picks gone bad

  • Biden said he'd put a Black woman on the Supreme Court. Here's who he may pick to replace Breyer

  • Opinion: Biden can't let Sinema and Manchin short-circuit his Supreme Court nomination

  • Analysis: Joe Biden's 2022 just got a lot better

  • Opinion: One word sums up Breyer's judicial philosophy

  • Democrats will follow a similar timeline Republicans used for getting Amy Coney Barrett confirmed

  • Analysis: Breyer's role on the court and the hole he's leaving

  • Judge casts doubt on January 6 defense strategy of calling Trump to the stand

  • Russia and Ukraine agree to continue ceasefire talks

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