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Updated: Wednesday February 26, 2020 12:41 pm
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BBC News
Delhi riots: City tense after Hindu-Muslim clashes leave 23 dead
The deadliest violence in India's capital for decades leaves 23 people dead and scores injured.

Mario Cerciello Rega case: US students in Italian court over police murder
Officer Mario Cerciello Rega was stabbed to death after a drug deal gone wrong in central Rome.

Weinstein's lawyer Donna Rotunno: 'The fight is not over'
Harvey Weinstein will appeal a guilty verdict in the rape and sexual assault cases against him.

Germany overturns ban on professionally assisted suicide
Five years ago a change in the law stopped doctors helping the terminally ill to end their lives.

Sydney baboons go on the run before vasectomy
Three baboons - one on his way to a vasectomy - fled an Australian hospital, stunning onlookers.

Hong Kong to give cash gift of $1,200 to residents
Officials hope it will boost spending as the city's economy struggles after a tumultuous year.

Virgin Galactic sees demand for space travel surge
Sir Richard Branson's firm says it is releasing more tickets for flights into space.

Appeal for more funds to control locusts
The UN warns that time is short to stop locusts threatening food supplies in some countries.

White Helmets appeal for help from world powers in Syria's Idlib
First responders say world powers must support people in Idlib or "this tragedy will not finish".

Hosni Mubarak: Egypt holds military funeral for ousted president
Mubarak was forced out of office by an Arab Spring uprising in 2011, after 30 years in power.

Nedim Yasar: Two jailed for life for killing reformed Denmark gangster
Nedim Yasar was shot dead after attending the launch of a book about how he turned his back on crime.

Time News
Pentagon Plan Calls for a $9 Billion Surge in Nuclear Spending by 2025
It reflects a major boost to an effort started under President Barack Obama to replace aging nuclear systems

Los Angeles Firefighters Respond to Massive Refinery Fire After Explosion
An explosion went off before the fire began burning in a cooling tower at the refinery, the fire department said

Organizers Press Ahead With Tokyo Olympics Despite Threat of Coronavirus
Organizers face a three-month window to decide the fate of the games

Desperate Democrats Brawl in Chaotic South Carolina Debate
The stage in Charleston was set for a pile-on. Senator Bernie Sanders stood in the middle of the seven-candidate field, flanked by competitors all too aware that his lead in the Democratic primary is on the verge of becoming prohibitive. But rather than hammer Sanders, the desperate candidates hacked away at one another. Sanders took…

Communal Violence Over India’s Citizenship Law Leaves 20 Dead Amid Trump’s Visit
New Delhi's top elected official called for the government to send the Indian army to areas affected by the riots

British Singer Duffy Says She Was Drugged, Raped, Held Captive for Days
The Welsh performer said in a revealing Instagram post that it has taken time to recover

Buddhist Monk and Famed Dissident Thich Quang Do Dies at Age 91
Do was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and received several awards for his activism

Opera Star Placido Domingo’s Apology Prompts New Accuser to Step Forward
"Before, he was a denier. Then, he was a victim. Now, he is looking for redemption."

7 Democrats Took the Stage for the Last Debate Before the South Carolina Primary: The Biggest Moments and Highlights
Seven candidates will face off in South Carolina ahead of that state's primary. Follow along for live updates

The Inside Scoop Behind This Viral ‘McMonstrosity’ Bagel Overflowing With ‘Extra Cream Cheese’
When placing an order for a bagel with cream cheese, most people have certain expectations for the bagel to cream cheese ratio that they’ll receive. So when one McDonald’s customer was presented with a bagel that he felt fell way outside of the cream cheese portion norm, he was compelled to share it with the…

Slashdot News
  • Uber and Lyft Generate 70 Percent More Pollution Than Trips They Displace, Study Finds

  • Singapore Airlines Is Using Aeroponics To Upgrade In-Flight Meals

  • NSA Phone Surveillance Program Cost $100 Million, Yielded One Major Investigation

  • Scientists Find the First-Ever Animal That Doesn't Need Oxygen To Survive

  • Key Silicon Valley Reservoir To Be Completely Drained Due To Earthquake Risk

  • Tesla Autopilot, Distracted Driving To Blame In Deadly 2018 Crash

  • Microsoft Wants To Do Away With Windows 10 Local Accounts

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
  • India's Modi appeals for calm as riot toll rises to 20

  • Coronavirus pandemic inevitable, U.S. warns as disease spreads across globe

  • China to Russia: End discriminatory coronavirus measures against Chinese

  • 'We're fine but bored,' says guest in Tenerife hotel in coronavirus lockdown

  • EU calls for coordinated European response to coronavirus

  • Coronavirus pandemic inevitable, U.S. warns as disease spreads across globe

  • France reports second coronavirus death, Italian link in another case

  • Coronavirus spread 'deeply concerning' but not a pandemic: WHO's Tedros

  • Factbox: Sports events hit by the coronavirus epidemic

  • Egypt holds funeral for former president Mubarak

  • Algeria flight suspension or protest bar 'not on agenda' over coronavirus

  • Two Chinese nurses call for overseas help in stretched virus wards

  • Elderly man in Tokyo dies after catching new coronavirus: NHK

  • Coronavirus cases rise in Italy, with children among new cases

  • Austria quarantines a dozen people after first coronavirus cases

  • Brazil confirms first coronavirus case in Latin America: source

  • Japan defends cautious approach on coronavirus testing amid concerns

  • Greece confirms first coronavirus case

  • Germany sees no need for travel warning for Italy over coronavirus

  • Malaysia's Mahathir and Anwar in new showdown amid turmoil

  • MSNBC News
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    CNN News
  • The final debate before the crucial South Carolina primary proved to be a frenetic free-for-all, with six candidates all trying to knock Sanders off course

  • Analysis: Winners and losers from the Democratic debate

  • Opinion: A 'messy, chaotic and embarrassing' night

  • Democrats take aim at Bernie Sanders. See what happened

  • Sanders defends his past praise of Cuban social programs

  • South Carolina voter panel cools to Sanders after debate

  • Fact checking the debate

  • CDC: Not a question of if coronavirus spreads, but when

  • Hot Pockets heiress sentenced to prison in admissions scam

  • 7-year-old girl dies during tonsillectomy

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