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Top Health Stories:
BBC Health News
Army rejected teen over breast-cancer gene
The Army is accused of sexism after rejecting a teenager who may have a gene raising her risk of breast cancer.

'Surgeon left a specimen bag inside me after hernia op'
Part of Tom Hadrys's bowel cut out during the operation was also left behind by the surgeon.

General election will not delay infected blood compensation
Parliament should pass the necessary bill to progress the legislation, government says.

Boy died of sepsis after important GP note missed
A nine-year-old boy died from sepsis after doctors and nurses missed a "significant" GP note.

My feet and hands were amputated after sepsis - MP
Craig Mackinlay was given a 5% chance of survival after being rushed to hospital in September.

Assisted dying plans for terminally-ill approved on Jersey
Jersey politicians approve assisted dying plans for terminally ill by 32 votes to 14.

'Major' disruption as junior doctors strike
Disruption is expected in Northern Ireland's health services as junior doctors begin walk out.

Infected blood victims could get £2m compensation
Government unveils package after final report of public inquiry into scandal published on Monday.

What is the infected blood scandal and will there be compensation?
Thousands were infected with HIV and hepatitis C, in the worst treatment disaster in NHS history.

'Blood compensation comes too late for my husband'
The government announced what it calls a "comprehensive" compensation scheme on Tuesday.

Children used as 'guinea pigs' in clinical trials
They were given infected blood products in trials without their knowledge, the BBC has found.

Infected blood inquiry: Five things we have learned
An inquiry into the "worst treatment disaster in NHS history" hears its final evidence.

'An abuse by people supposedly there to care'
Victims of the scandal said they had been "gaslit for generations" and felt "vindicated" by the report.

How 175 British children were infected with HIV
Families of some of those affected are giving evidence at a public inquiry into the treatment disaster.

I lost mum, dad and sister to HIV in blood scandal
Families torn apart by the infected blood scandal break their silence to BBC Panorama.

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